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Troubleshooting Some Common Problems With a Car's Steering

Having full control of your car is obviously very vital when you're on the road; even a slight pull or loss of power when driving and braking can lead to a major accident and expensive property damage, as well as serious injuries. Ignoring any problems with your car can also mean having a small problem eventually turn into a very large repair bill. If you're having trouble with your car's steering, note a few troubleshooting tips, and this will help you know what will probably need fixing under the hood.

The car gets away from you when you turn a corner

If your car seems fine when you drive straight but then skids and slides, or otherwise gets away from you when you turn, this could be an issue with the tyres themselves. If tyres are worn down on just one side or the other, or not properly aligned and balanced, they will be likely to skid or pull when you turn the car.

This might also be an issue with what are called differentials; these are gears attached to the tyres that allow them to spin at different speeds, which is needed when you turn the car. If the differentials are worn, the tyres on either side of the car will try to spin too fast or too slow, and they pull the car in that direction. Check the tyres for good tread and have them balanced; if this doesn't fix the problem, have your mechanic check the differentials.

Steering is loose or stiff

If you feel you need to rotate the steering wheel far too much to turn the car, the vehicle may need more steering fluid, which helps power the steering column. If the steering wheel seems to resist when you turn it, it may also need added fluid, but this might also be caused by something that is damaged in the area of the tyres themselves. If brake pads slip out of place, they can cause resistance when you turn the car and those pads then push against the rotors.

Rust and other debris in the brake pads can also cause resistance when the wheels turn. Bent calipers can also push the brake pads against the rotors, which might be more noticeable when you try to turn the car so that the steering wheel feels stiff. If the steering fluid is at adequate levels, have the car's brakes checked for damage and needed replacement.

For more information about break repairs, contact a professional.