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Warning Signs Your Brakes Need Repairing

Waiting to get your brakes repaired until only after you have been unable to stop your car safely means you are running a high risk. Not only does this mean that you might endanger yourself and the occupants of your car, but it could also lead to you running into the back of another vehicle or—worse still—failing to stop when a pedestrian is in the road ahead of you.

The Shockingly Serious Signs of Shock Absorber Trouble in Your Truck

When you think about your truck's shock absorbers, you probably think of them as being the component that ensures a smooth ride. In actuality, the job of the shock absorbers is much more than that. The shock absorbers help you stay in control of your truck at all times, keeping the tyres flat and even helping you brake effectively. When your shock absorbers need to be

Two essential forms of car maintenance you should never postpone

If you want to avoid costly repairs and ensure that your car is safe to drive, it's important to prioritise car maintenance. Here are two types of car maintenance that you should never postpone. Your yearly car service The work that a mechanic performs during a typical servicing can go a long way towards keeping your vehicle in good working order. If you decide to ski

Is It Your Battery or Your Alternator? Here's How to Find Out!

If it's a challenge to crank your car up and you hear a distinct clicking noise whilst doing so, there are generally two potential reasons for the trouble. It might be a dead or dying car battery, and it could also be the alternator. It's not unusual for the battery to be dead when the alternator is dead, but that's not always the case. If you do the following tests,

3 Signs That You Have Chosen the Right Custom Exhaust Fabricator

Car manufacturers do an excellent job of producing vehicles that are functional and safe. However, in most cases, such functionality does not always translate into a fully optimised system. It is for this reason that car owners need to understand that there is still room to make changes on their vehicles based on unique needs. Custom exhaust fabrication offers such an