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My Crazy Car Blog

3 Signs That You Have Chosen the Right Custom Exhaust Fabricator

Car manufacturers do an excellent job of producing vehicles that are functional and safe. However, in most cases, such functionality does not always translate into a fully optimised system. It is for this reason that car owners need to understand that there is still room to make changes on their vehicles based on unique needs. Custom exhaust fabrication offers such an

How to Check Your Vehicle's Transmission System for Early Warning Signs of an Issue

The transmission system within an average family car is subject to a tremendous amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Manufacturers understand this and tend to "over-engineer" all of these components so that they do not break. While you may expect the automatic transmission to outlast your ownership of the vehicle, it's nevertheless important for you to look out f

Troubleshooting Some Common Problems With a Car's Steering

Having full control of your car is obviously very vital when you're on the road; even a slight pull or loss of power when driving and braking can lead to a major accident and expensive property damage, as well as serious injuries. Ignoring any problems with your car can also mean having a small problem eventually turn into a very large repair bill. If you're having tr

How to find reliable car parts

For many car owners, their car is often a source of pride and joy. They take car in cleaning it, upgrading it and repairing it. However, whether you use your car primarily to get from A to B, see it as a hobby project, or are working on it with the aim of selling it, at some point in the ownership process you are likely to need to buy replacement parts.

Metal Madness: Should You Choose An Aluminium Ladder Rack For Your Commercial Van?

If you run a business that regularly involves working at significant heights, such as a window cleaning or gutter installation service, installing a ladder rack on your van or utility vehicle is an excellent way to save valuable cargo space and make loading and unloading your precious ladders both quicker and easier. However, getting the most from your new ladder rack